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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

We are about to launch a new exciting web site!
Please stay tuned. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Upcoming Tournaments!

Hi Everyone,

2014 Indoor Nationals is just weeks away!
After Indoor Nationals, there will be plenty of back-to-back tournaments
Here is what the tournament season will look like (national tournaments only...state tournaments have yet to be announced) - it can be found on under the Events tab:

Dates: April 3-6      
Event: USAT Qualifier Series Event: AAE Arizona Cup    Location: Phoenix, AZ
 Dates: May 9-11    Event: USAT Qualifier Series Event: Easton Foundations Gator CupLocation: Newberry, FL
Dates: June 20-22  
Event: USAT Qualifier Series Event: SoCal Showdown    Location: Chula Vista, CA
Dates: July 23-27  
Event: 130th U.S. National Target Championships, Easton JOAD Nationals and U.S. Open     Location: Hamilton, OH
Dates: September 26-28  
Event: USAT Qualifier Series Event: Texas Shootout Location: College Station, TX
To obtain a national ranking, you must attend at least two of the national tournaments PLUS Easton JOAD Nationals at Ohio.
Also to compete at nationals and to get a ranking, you MUST have a USA Archery membership (you can get one here:
If you want to register, go to, click the Events tab, and find the tournament you want.
Be sure to register, book flights, and reserve hotels early!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

'USA Archery Coach Certification Class

Coach Lee will be holding a level 1 and level 2 Instructor Certification course on March 15 at the 21st Century Church.  This is a great opportunity for you learn about archery in general and NTS (National Training System).

Minimum age requirement for Level 1 certification is 15, and level 2 is 18.  All the parents can take the level 2 certification.  Kids 15 or order is encouraged to take the course.  The certification course runs from 8am-6pm. 

If you and/or child is interested in attending, please see Nathan's dad or Sean's mom.

Thank you,
3/15/2014, (Sat) AM 8 - PM 6
21세기 침례 교회 
           622 N. Gillbert Street 
           Anaheim CA 92801
Level 1 Instructor (formerly Basic) A Level 1 Instructor is most closely associated with a "grassroots" program that is short-term in scope and focused on introducing basic archery skills to beginners. Such programs would include: camps, Scouting, 4-H, and Parks and Recreation.
  • Course content: Range safety, range set-up, basic equipment setup and repair, and how to teach the basic steps of shooting.
  • Length of Course: 4-12 hours
  • Prerequisites**: Minimum age: 15
  • Course Cost: Varies depending on instructor
  • Certification period: Three years
  • Any Level 1 Instructor who wants individual insurance coverage will need to become a member of USA Archery and complete a background check
  • Level 1 Course is not required to attend the Level 2 Course
Level 2 Instructor (formerly Intermediate) A Level 2 Instructor works with a more established archery program such as J.O.A.D., A.S.A.P., college clubs and local clubs with a strong beginner component. Level 2 Instructors are also certified to teach Level 1 courses. Current Level 2 Instructors with a successful background screen are eligible for insurance benefits. Click here for information on background screening.
  • Course Content: Basic shooting steps, introduce intermediate shooting steps, safety, range set-up; equipment setup and repair, fitting equipment to an archer, how to teach archery and how to teach a Level 1Instructor Course.
  • Length of Course: 12-20 hours
  • Prerequisites: Minimum age: 18, USA Archery or NFAA membership, Successful background screen, successful completion ofSafeSport training
  • Course Cost: Varies depending on instructor
  • Certification period: Three years.
  • Please note: No certification will be processed without membership and a successful background screen. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 Joy Lee Archery Indoor Championships

Join us for our 2014 Joy Lee Archery Indoor Championships!
What better way to kick off the new year than with a fun competition with your fellow Joy Lee archers.
This will be a great time to catch up with friends from other clubs, make new ones, and warm-up for the National Indoor in March.
The competition will consist of 30 arrows (10 ends of 3 arrows).  
We will be offering a morning and an afternoon line so that we can accommodate everyone.  
Archers in the Youth and Beginner divisions will shoot in the morning.  
Intermediate, Advanced, and JDT divisions will shoot in the afternoon. 
Please see below for which division you fit into.
If possible please attend the shooting designated for your division.
However we understand that this may not fit your schedule. 
If this is the case, then you have the option select a shooting line of your choice.
You will still be competing in the same division though, just at a different time from the rest of those archers.

Cost: $25.  
Tournament fee can be paid onsite as either cash or check (made out to 'KSL International Archery Inc.')
Where: 21C church
622 N. Gillbert Street
Anaheim CA 92801
When: Saturday, February 1st

Morning Line (Youth and Beginner Divisions)
8:30 am: Check-in and Equipment Inspection Open
9:30 am: Official Practice
10 am: Official Scoring
Afternoon Line (Intermediate and Advanced Divisions)
12:00 pm: Check-in and Equipment Inspection
1:00 pm: Official Practice
1:30 pm: Official Scoring

For questions, please contact Keaton Chia | | 510.303.6402

Sunday, December 29, 2013

National Indoor Tournament

The national indoor tournament schedule has been out.
Go check it out at and look for U.S. National Indoor Championship and JOAD National Indoor Championship at Tulare, CA.

The date is 3/7/2014 - 3/9/2014.

Be sure to sign up ASAP!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

No Club Practice This Week 11/30

Hey Archers,

There is NO club practice this week.
Enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend with your family!
See you all next week!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

December Parents' Meeting

There will be a parents' meeting 11/23/2013 at 3pm.
Archers, please have your parents come to the kitchen next to the gym to discuss the Christmas party and December private lesson schedule.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

State Indoor 2014 Registration

Hey Archers,

The schedule for 2014 State Indoor is out already!
Check it out at the following link:

It seems like there are two weekends to shoot that you can choose from.
Just pick the one most convenient for you.
The indoor is at the usual Tulare.

The dates are first-come first-serve, so sign up now!